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Hawaii Disaster Restoration is a full-service emergency disaster restoration company located in Maui. We provide our restoration and cleanup services to all of Maui, including Wailea. Wailea is one of the sunniest places in Hawaii, but even they are prone to home and business disasters. If you have a disaster, please give us a call, we are available and on-call 24/7. We provide the fastest response times and free estimates and inspections!

Water Damage Restoration

Water damages are one of the more common disasters we see in Hawaii. After all, we are an island. Water damages can occur from an array of issues, including plumbing problems, storm damages, faulty appliances, and flooding. Whatever the reason for your water damages, you have Hawaii Disaster Restoration to help! We can help mitigate most damages to your Wailea business or home with our fast response times.

This is our water damage restoration process:

Locate the Water Source and Repair

Remove Standing Water

Remove Damaged Materials

Set Up and Begin Drying Process

Remove Any Contents for Cleaning and Sanitation

Repair Water Damages and Restore Property

Our water damage restoration specialist uses special technology to find all water to ensure none is left behind. We can find the water that has seeped into walls or under carpets and floors. This water, if left behind, can cause mold to grow and rot to occur. If you have a water emergency, give us a call immediately. Time must not be wasted when it comes to water damages!

Mold Remediation

Mold in homes and businesses is usually the result of water damages that were not appropriately handled. While mold naturally grows, it should not grow inside your property or leave stains. Hawaii Disaster Restoration provides complete mold remediation services to the Wailea area. Our team of mold remediation specialist does it all from mold inspections and testing to mold removal, mold remediation, mold damage cleanup, and repairs to air quality control. When it comes to mold, which is a hazardous material, you should never remove it yourself. Mold can make you ill if handled without the proper equipment. We use the appropriate equipment and tools to remove and dispose of the mold from your property safely. Once removed, we sanitize and decontaminate the area to ensure mold will not regrow. If you see mold stains or smell an odd or musty smell, give us a call as soon as possible.

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Storm & Flood
Cleanup / Restoration

Storms are a normal part of living in Wailea. We are always prepared for the worst at Hawaii Disaster Restoration. From boarding up before a storm to dealing with hurricanes, downed trees, wind, hail, and flooding damages, we do it all. Our team provides emergency response for storm and flood cleanup and restoration. We will not only remove trees, rubble, and debris, but we also remove any damaged materials replace them. We will remove all water from the flooded areas and perform water damage restoration on your property; if you have a flooding or storm emergency, never hesitate to call! We all live in the area and respond quickly to assess the situation and begin cleanup and restoration services!

Fire Damage
Restoration / Clean up

Fires are one of the most horrible disasters that can happen to one’s property. Fires can cause significant damages and leave you feeling traumatized and beyond stressed. Luckily, Hawaii Disaster Restoration is here for you and your Wailea home or business. We are licensed and certified in fire damage restoration and cleanup. We are available 24/7 for emergency fire cleanup services. Our fire restoration process is extensive and will include board-ups. We also provide damaged materials removal, item cleaning, smoke, and soot removal. Our team also provides decontamination and sanitization, and finally, replacement of damaged materials. When it comes to fire restoration, we are your first and only choice. We complete the entire process, from initial assessments and insurance claims to full fire restoration and cleanup. If your property has experienced a fire, give us a call immediately, as we can arrive promptly at your property to begin the process.

Biohazard Cleanup / Hazardous Materials Cleanup

Biohazards are dangerous to the health of you and your family. They can cause lasting health problems if you are exposed. Hawaii Disaster Restoration is certified and trained in the cleanup and removal of hazardous materials from businesses and homes in Wailea and the surrounding areas.
Our team provides biohazard cleanup of the following:

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup


Chemical Spill


Asbestos Removal


Biohazard Cleaning


Hoarding Cleanup


Lead Abatement

The above items must be removed by qualified professionals, as most require licensing for the proper disposal. Our team of hazardous materials specialists has the appropriate equipment, tools, and knowledge to handle all biohazards' removal and disposal. If you have a biohazard on your property, it is considered an emergency, and you should never hesitate to call. Keep your loved ones safe from biohazards by hiring a professional!
Hawaii Disaster Restoration is the Leading Choice for Emergency Restoration and disaster cleanup services
for all of Maui.
We provide our services to Wailea, Waikapu, Makawao, Pukalani, and Kula. If you are looking for rapid responses, affordable rates, and excellent customer service, give us a call. We provide free estimates and inspections and handle all kinds of disaster cleanup and restoration services for the beautiful island known as Hawaii.

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