Mold Prevention Tips For Your Property!

May 9, 2021 | Mold Dangers, Service Information

Mold is common in areas that receive a lot of severe weather and that are warmer. Hawaii is the perfect breeding ground for mold! Luckily, Hawaii Disaster Restoration has some tips to help prevent mold from growing on your property this Summer.

Do You Have Ventilation?

Ventilation is one of the most important ways to keep mold from growing on your property. Your kitchen and bathroom are the two areas that mostly lack ventilation. If you have ever noticed, you will see a lot of condensation after you shower or cook on a hot stove. This can cause mold to begin breeding. Opening windows, using fans, and creating ventilation are one of the main ways to prevent mold.

Do You Own A Dehumidifier?

Hawaii is humid, but your home does not have to be moist. A dehumidifier takes the humidity out of the air. By doing this, it decreases the chances of mold growth inside the home. A dehumidifier also helps with air quality, which is also essential!

Water Damages

Mold growth is one of the main concerns after water damages. Did you hire a professional to remove the water from your property? If you did, you are likely safe from mold growth. If you did not, you might have a problem. If water seeped into areas you cannot see, it was most likely not removed. This water will sit and begin to rot the structure of your home, as well as allow mold to grow.

As you can see, mold can be prevented in most cases. If you do have mold stains, it is important to contact a company like Hawaii Disaster Restoration. They will be able to safely remove the material damaged by mold and kill all mold spores, ensuring no new mold will grow on your property!

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