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When we realized that there was a mold problem starting in one area of our house, I panicked. But after getting the team from Hawaii Disaster Restoration out to take a look, they gave a full assessment and took the necessary steps right away to isolate the problem and treat it. I think we could have lost a lot more if we had not called them when we did. Luckily they are professional and do the job right first time so that you don't have a problem over and over again. Definitely a recommendation!


Your Maui Mold Removal Company

Mold damage is a serious issue that not only can cause long term unsightly damage but presents its own set of health risks also. Attempts at removing mold when the right knowledge and experience is applied can seem effective but will begin to appear after a while again which is why treating the source and eradicating it, is what needs to be done. Our team of professionals are trained to source the hazardous area(s) and eradicate it permanently, leaving you to worry less about its possible dangerous implications and high costs of damage repair to your property.

What is Mold Damage

Molds are a part of the fungi kingdom. They are neither an animal nor a plant but they will eat, digest or decay the material they grow on; such as your carpet or tiles. Mold comes in various species, and with various levels of health related risks. From allergens that produce mild allergic reactions such as sneezing and skin irritation, to toxic mold such as the notorious “black mold” that cause more severe respiratory problems, any mold should be inspected and remediated by a trained professional. Mold damage can become a serious threat if not handled in a timely manner. It’s crucial to begin the mold cleanup and removal process as soon as possible to prevent further spreading.

Too many homeowners make the mistake of believing that solving their problem is simply a matter of killing the mold. This is a mistake. If the affected area is not properly treated, making the environment inhospitable for mold growth, then the problem will simply come back at a later date. No, the area must be properly treated, cleaned, disinfected, sanitized, dehumidified, and well ventilated in order to make sure you don’t find yourself dealing with the problem on repeated occasions.

Our Mold Removal Procedure

We are a locally owned and operated business that can remove & remediate your mold related issues. You can count on us for:

  • Identify the source of mold
  • Treat the infested areas
  • Use treatment to prevent further growth

Mold infestation creates heavy damages to the interior of various household structures and assets such as flooring, carpets and other valuables. In addition to this, they look unattractive and in some cases, mold can be dangerous to the health of people living in the building. Therefore, it is important to remediate mold from your home or office.

Handling Your Mold Cleanup and Removal

We understand the need for quality mold remediation services, which is why our mold remediation company has taken the time to make sure our Immediate Response Team is properly trained and equipped with the latest procedures and tools to handle the mold problem in your home or business. We are the first choice mold removal contractors when it comes to mold removal, remediation, mold inspections, and mold testing.

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Round the clock response (24/7)

Our immediate response time ensures that we get to the scene quickly and get to work as fast as is necessary. Our commitment to our clients are testament to the quick turnaround times we pride ourselves on achieving as well as always being there when clients need us.

Inspection of Mold-affected areas and testing

We carry out a thorough inspection of the affected area to make sure that the damaged areas are located and assessed accordingly. From that inspection we are then able to determine a plan to action at making sure the situation is solved. Our team of professionals carries their work out to make sure that the problems are located and eradicated, first time around.

mold damage maui hi
Mold Remediation Maui HI

Managing insurance claims

We understand how frustrating, time consuming and expensive this can be so we can manage the entire process for you even down to making sure you are given the best deal there is to get! We are experienced in this field and will ensure that the experience we have in dealing with such matters extends to your claims making it as fuss-free as possible.

Salvage & Cleanup services plus deodorizing

After the source has been identified, the area is isolated by our team so that no other parts of your property are subjected to the same contamination. Our equipment is highly specialized and operated by a trained team of professionals to make sure no health issues become a problem.

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Restoration of Content

Once the mold has been removed and restoration of content successfully carried out, a test is performed to ensure that there is no remaining mold in the areas of both contamination but also across other areas of the property. We will then supply a report stating the status of the clearance to confirm the mold has been eradicated. We understand everyone has different budgetary requirements and we will work to achieve a professional outcome no matter what your budget is.


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