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Maui Smoke Damage Restoration

One of the often-underestimated aspects of fire damage restoration is smoke soot cleanup necessitated by smoke damage. Hawaii Disaster Restoration offers professional smoke damage restoration services for situations such as these. Our team cleans, resurfaces, and replaces as needed to revitalize your home or business without high costs or stress to you.

Hawaii Disaster Restoration restores all types of smoke damage and works tirelessly to offer you a 24/7 immediate response in Maui, Hawaii including: Haiku, Kahului, Kihei, Lahaina, and Wailuku. Call today for a FREE fire and smoke damage inspection, as well as a quote for smoke soot cleanup. We are here to walk with you through the entire journey.

The Four Types
of Smoke Damage

Four common types of smoke damage result after a fire. Each is caused by differing variables including the fire temperature, fuel materials, and where the fire burned. Being able to recognize each of the various types of smoke damage is important as proper restoration depends upon this knowledge. Fortunately, Hawaii Disaster Restoration’s team of professional smoke damage cleanup technicians is familiar and comfortable identifying and restoring all types of smoke damage. The four types of smoke damage include:

Dry Smoke

Dry smoke arises from a quickly-burning, high-temperature fire fueled by wood or paper. Although dry smoke is fairly simple to clean, it can fall into crevices or permeate porous materials. This means that your house may appear clean while smoke odor lingers. The good news is that dry smoke is not as pungent as other residues.

Wet Smoke

Wet smoke results from low-heat fires that smolder and are fueled by plastic and/or rubber. Fewer flames result from these fires, yet the thick, black smoke is much denser and smellier. Wet smoke residue is sticky and dense, smearing during cleaning. We bring in the special equipment needed to effectively clean wet smoke damage.

Protein Residue

When organic materials evaporate in a low-heat fire, such as that in a kitchen, it causes protein residue. Despite being nearly invisible without soot or streaks, protein residue discolors finished surfaces. Even though it may not appear noticeable, of the types of smoke damage, protein residue leaves an unpleasant aroma that will need to be professionally treated.

Petroleum Residue

Petroleum residue is also known as fuel/oil residue. Although uncommonly seen in home and business fires, a faulty furnace causes fuel/oil residue. This occurs if the furnace does not ignite correctly, resulting in a “puffback” that unleashes smoke and soot through a leak or small explosion. Seek professional help for petroleum residue for the sticky texture and foul odor.

Effective Smoke & Soot Cleaning to Restore Your Property

Soot is a black residue created by a fire burning materials such as wood, plastic, fibers, plaster, foam, and others. Walls, ceilings, and other hard surfaces take the brunt of the soot. While it can be tempting to cut corners and costs by starting the smoke soot cleaning process yourself, it is a job best left to Hawaii Disaster Restoration.

We have the equipment and expertise to handle your smoke damage restoration job with ease. After determining which of the types of smoke damage is the source of your stress, we begin smoke soot cleaning immediately. 

Based on the severity of the blaze and the materials affected, Hawaii Disaster Restoration employs multiple techniques. We treat walls, finished wood, unfinished wood, plastic, and even textiles by performing smoke soot cleaning before utilizing more specialized methods for each surface. 

Trust us to evaluate which method of smoke soot cleaning is best for your circumstances. We employ a variety of techniques, including:

Dry Cleaning

Foam Cleaning

Wet Cleaning

Abrasive Cleaning

Spray and Wipe

Immersion Cleaning

Smoke Odor
Removal & Neutralization

In addition to soot, you’ll need to consider smoke odor removal after a fire. Smoke odor envelopes your property and lingers for years, permeating drapes, carpet, ceilings, duct work, walls, clothing, and more if left untreated.

Hawaii Disaster Restoration doesn’t just make your property look aesthetically pleasing again, we also remove nuisance odors that smoke damage causes. Our professional-grade sprays and solutions provide smoke odor removal and deodorization via thermal fogging, misting, hydroxyl radicals, ozone machines, air scrubbers, air movers, and dehumidifiers. 

We effectively tackle smoke odors to offer you thorough smoke soot cleanup and smoke odor removal. Our odor–killing solutions are always applied in strict compliance with manufacturer guidelines and regulations. After all, the safety of you, your family, pets, and clients is a top priority.

We ease the strain of a fire in your residential home or commercial property. Call us today for a FREE inspection and estimate for smoke odor removal.

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