Water Damage Inspections – The Importance!

May 20, 2021 | Service Information, Water Damage Information

When water damages occur, you are likely to try cleaning it up yourself. While removing surface water can be helpful, it is always in your best interest to contact a water damage company such as Hawaii Disaster Restoration. They not only provide water damage inspections but will also perform water damage restoration to your property.

What Is A Water Damage Inspection?

A water damage inspection is the initial inspection of the property. This is where we will gauge the damages to your property and devise a plan to remove the water. This is also the time where pictures are taken for insurance purposes. A water damage inspection can be comprehensive, as the entire water-damaged area will need to be checked for damages.

Water could be beneath your floor, in your walls, or crawlspaces. Once water seeps into these areas, you have other problems. If this water is not entirely removed, rot and mold will occur. A water damage inspection will ensure that all areas are documented, and that all moisture will be removed during the water damage restoration.

Water damage inspections are also completed to see the entire scope of damages the water has caused. This can be damaging to walls, insulation, and even items on the property. If your home has experienced water damages, always call a professional for a water damage inspection and water damage restoration.

The water damage restoration process is a lengthy process. All water is removed with large pumps, and then the area is dried. This process can take time, depending on the extent of the water damages. Once the water is fully dried, the damaged areas will be removed and replaced. The sites will also be sanitized to ensure no mold growth will occur in the future. This is a crucial step, as mold growth can cause significant damages later down the road.

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