Black Mold – What Is It and Is It Dangerous?

Apr 9, 2021 | Mold Dangers

Mold is naturally occurring and found in nature, but problems arise once it starts to grow in your home. Mold should not be growing in your home, and if it is, it is usually from flooding or water damages. Black mold is caused mainly from water damages. It is black in color and is toxic, just like other types of mold. However, black mold may contain mycotoxins which can cause serious health problems.

Why Is Black Mold Dangerous?

Black mold is a hazardous material and can cause damages to your home or business. Significant structural damages can be the result of black mold growth. Black mold can also cause severe health problems. If you see black mold stains on your ceiling or walls, it is a signal that you already have an overgrowth of black mold on your property. Black mold should only be removed by a certified professional such as Hawaii Disaster Restoration. Black mold and other forms of mold are spores that can quickly breed and grow out of hand. Areas affected by black mold will be removed and replaced. Once this process is finalized, the site will be treated with cleaning agents to ensure mold growth will not continue.

What Are The Symptoms Of Black Mold Exposure?

Black mold can cause severe and long-lasting illnesses. Most illnesses are within the respiratory system. Symptoms include:
• Nosebleeds
• Memory Loss
• Headaches
• Mood Changes
• Aches and Pains
• Frequent Pneumonia and Sinusitis
• Wheezing
• Sore Throat
• Watery or Red Eyes
• Sneezing

Above are common symptoms. If you have any of the above symptoms and have black mold stains, see your doctor immediately and call a professional mold removal company. Mold is dangerous and should be removed and disposed of by a professional.

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