Water Damages and Your Property

Mar 4, 2021 | Water Damage Information

Water damages can occur for an array of reasons, but whatever the reason, water damages are considered an emergency. Water can quickly spread out of control to other areas of your property. Below, Hawaii Disaster Restoration will discuss some causes of water damages to your property and when it is time to call a restoration company.

Storm Damages

Storm damages are one of the leading causes of water damages in Hawaii. Storms can bring wind, torrential rains, and hail. All of these can cause devastating damages to your property. From downed trees and limbs causing structural damages to your roof to broken windows and flooding, storms can cause significant damages.

Faulty Appliances/Broken Pipes

Broken pipes and faulty appliances can cause major destruction to your property in a small amount of time. If you have damaged pipes or a faulty appliance that has caused flooding in your home, call a professional as soon as possible.


Flooding inside your home sounds scary, and it is. Flooding from rains or hurricanes can cause water damages. If this occurs on your property, water damage restoration will need to be performed to ensure all water is removed and your property is returned to its original form.

f you experience water damages to your home, call a water restoration company such as Hawaii Disaster Restoration as soon as possible. Water damages should be handled in a timely manner to ensure no further damages occur. If water is left for too long, it can cause damages to the structure of your home, as well as mold. Hawaii Disaster Restoration provides emergency response times and will remove all water from the property, begin water damage restoration, and ensure all water is removed so that mold does not grow on your property. Water damages can be extensive, but we will work with you and your insurance company to ensure you receive the best water restoration services!

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